Svelvet 5.0 introduces a new optional feature that can be added to diagrams now. To access this feature set the minimap prop to true in your Svelvet application.

It is important to note that the minimap scales to your current zoom settings which you can affect by scrolling your mouse wheel up or down; if you are on a touchpad or touchscreen, expand or collapse and it should work the same way. Different browsers may have different settings.

Create nodes interactively by clicking and dragging an anchor to an empty space and see how the minimap interacts with nodes- far away, close by, small or large.
You can also create nodes by simply following the format in Codesandbox if you want to interact with the Svelvet component directly.

(Optional node linkage and creation features are set up in the Svelvet application)
By clicking on specific points on the minimap itself, navigation of your node diagram becomes not only intuitive but also very easy to use!

Let your imagination run wild with this feature!