Mapping out your ideas with Svelte has never been easier

Svelvet is a lightweight Svelte component library for building interactive node-based flow diagrams

Beautiful and Customizable

Svelvet allows you to easily create intuitive flow diagrams using pre-built components with seamless zooming and panning, draggable interactivity, customizable edges and nodes and more!

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Get Started Easily

Start mapping out your ideas with our NPM package. Simply provide your node data to the Svelvet component and you're ready to show off your interactive diagram - no extra configuration needed!

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npm install svelvet

To install and save in your package.json dependencies, run the command below using npm:

npm install svelvet clipboard icon

Or yarn:

yarn add svelvet clipboard icon

Svelvet Contributors

Svelvet is open source and has room for many more features. We welcome contributors!

See Svelvet on GitHub